• fuze for iPad
  • fuze for iPad meeting scheduling
  • fuze for iPad meeting scheduling details
  • Fuze for iPhone In Meeting
  • Fuze for iPhone In Meeting UI auto hide
  • Fuze for iPhone In Meeting More Menu
  • fuze for iPad scheduler
  • Fuze Mobile Workflow Diagram

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Over the past three plus years at Fuze, I have worked as part of a small, ambitious product team to redesign the Fuze experience on all device form factors including conference room, desktop, web, tablet and mobile. I have been responsible for user research, concept generation, functional prototyping, user testing, high-fidelity visual and functional specifications, and design ownership of the Fuze mobile experiences. In parallel, our team moved towards an agile, user-centered workflow that enabled our small team to work with product managers and developers to iterate quickly and effectively while incorporating critical feedback from users to inform our design decisions.

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